Facebook将推多款试验性应用 此前多数新推App不成功


新浪科技讯 北京时间7月10日早间消息,据美国财经媒体CNBC报道,Facebook本周宣布,将推出专注于消费者的一系列新应用,其开发者是“来自Facebook的NPE团队”。Facebook计划对新应用进行快速迭代,而如果发现应用未达预期,那么会很快将其关闭。NPE在这里是“新产品试验”的英文缩写。

According to CNBC, Facebook announced this week that it will launch a series of new applications focusing on consumers. The developers are "NPE team from facebook". Facebook plans to iterate quickly over new apps, and if it finds that they don't meet expectations, it will shut them down soon. NPE here is the abbreviation of "new product test".





"It's a way for Facebook to develop new experiences for users and try different ideas," Facebook added. We want to see if users find some apps useful or attractive by developing small apps with focused goals. We may use what we have learned to help our thinking and product strategy move forward. "